Jane hated her name. She didn’t just not like it. She knew that most people didn’t like their names. This was different. Hers she really hated. ….. It was repulsive and repugnant. It was an abomination. It was also easy to rhyme.

….Ever since she was small and people had asked, “What’s your name, dear?” she had noticed their eyes glaze over immediately she told them. When she replied, “Jane” they practically yawned in her face. They sometimes tried to make amends by saying quickly, “That’s a good, sensible name.”

Whoever wanted a sensible name?

(Theresa Breslin, Name Games, Mammoth, 1997)


Now that was a name worth having. A beautiful name, a name to be proud of, a name which commanded respect and admiration. With such an impressive name you could sweep down the staircase at Buckingham Palace, and people would salute or curtsey when you passed by.

(Theresa Breslin, Name Games, 1997)