Then came Miss Jenkyns – Deborah, as she liked Miss Matty to call her, her father having once said that the Hebrew name ought to be so pronounced. I secretly think she took the Hebrew prophetess for a model in character.

(Elizabeth Gaskell, Cranford, 1851)


“I say, what a funny name!” said Polly.

“It isn’t half as funny as Polly,” said Digory.

(C. S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew, 1955)


Try using more interesting names. You appear to have found David’s so boring that half-way through the story you forgot what it was and changed it to Martin.

(John Kirkbride, Thank You for Your Application, 1988)


“Daisy! That’s a pretty name. It’s a flower, ain’t it? Well – that’s just what you are – a flower.”

(Elmer Rice, The adding machine, 1923)


A twentieth century invention of novelette writers, which has sometimes been adopted in real life.

(E. G. Withycomb, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, 1977)


“It’s a quaint name. One thinks of someone shy and a little unprogressive.”

(Winston Graham, Jeremy Poldark, 1950)