“She’s called Kylie or Krystal, or one of those made-up names.”

(Terry Pratchett, Only You Can Save Mankind, 1992)


There was a small part of Tiffany’s brain that wasn’t too certain about the name Tiffany. She was nine years old and felt that Tiffany was going to be a hard name to live up to. Besides, she’d decided only last week that she wanted to be a witch when she grew up, and she was certain Tiffany just wouldn’t work. People would laugh.

(Terry Pratchett, The wee free men, Doubleday, 2003)


“Hah! I now realise that was a name with ‘trainee hairdresser’ written all over it.”

(Terry Pratchett, Johnny and the Bomb, 1996)

General – Names & Naming

The Carter parents were a quiet and respectable Lancre family who got into a bit of a mix-up when it came to naming their children. First, they had four daughters, who were christened Hope, Chastity, Prudence and Charity, because naming girls after virtues is an ancient and unremarkable tradition. Then their first son was born and out of some misplaced idea about how this naming business was done he was called Anger Carter, followed later by Jealousy Carter, Bestiality Carter and Covetousness Carter. Life being what it is, Hope turned out to be a depressive, Chastity was enjoying life as a lady of negotiable affection in Ankh-Morpork, Prudence had thirteen children, and Charity expected to get a dollar’s change out of seventy-five pence – whereas the boys had grown into amiable well-tempered men…

(Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies, 1992)


“Always puts me in mind of carpet fluff, that name.”

(Terry Pratchett, Maskerade, 1995)