“There’s such a vogue for fancy names nowadays [1890s]. All your Cuthberts and Wilfreds and Percivals. Perhaps I am merely being perverse, but I feel a desire for something absolutely plain for him. I imagine him in a few years’ time when he’s a sturdy boy running about, and I can’t imagine myself calling out ‘Clarence!’ or ‘Algernon!’ or ‘Phineas!’ . . . . Jack. That’s a nice, plain, manly name.”

(Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The Homecoming, 2001)


“How could anyone call a helpless little baby ‘Lionel’?”

(Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The Winter Journey, 1997)


“Very romantic, too. She is bound, with a name like that, to have adventures, just like one of Mrs Radcliffe’s heroines.

(Cynthia Harrod-Eegles, The Emperor, 1988)