“It sounds so manly. That makes it so suitable for you. I like a man who looks like his name.”

(Erskine Caldwell, The Earnshaw neighbourhood, 1971)


But alas! She was very plain and her name was Bridget . . . Nothing therefore could be expected from her . . .

(Jane Austen, “Love and Freindship” 1790)

Billie (f)

Her friends called her Billie. He did not blame them. It was a delightful name and suited her to perfection . . . . It certainly ran pleasantly off the tongue.

(P. G. Wodehouse, The Girl on the Boat, 1922)


“It’s not your fault, Adrian; it’s ours, we should have called you BRETT!”

(Sue Townsend, The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, 1984)


“There’s a stone, a jewel, much prized, called beryl. Are you named for that? If your eyes were green, I’d think you were. It’s a pretty idea to name girls after precious stones.”

(Cynthia Voigt, On Fortune’s Wheel, 1990)