“I have no objection to your addressing me as Oliver, but ‘Merely Oliver’ I’m damned if I’ll tolerate!”

(Georgette Heyer, Lady of Quality, 1972)


“I’ll be damned if I’ll be called Humphrey! If there’s one name I dislike that’s it.”

(Georgette Heyer – The Talisman Ring, 1936)


“I don’t mind telling you I don’t like the name. In fact, I think it’s a damn silly name. What’s more, if I had to call him by it I should feel very self-conscious.”

(Georgette Heyer, Death in the Stocks, 1935)

Alexis (m)

“You needn’t think I’m going about calling the fellow by a silly name like that, because I’m not.”

(Georgette Heyer, No Wind of Blame, 1939)


“You need not call me by that detestable name! Whatever else I might forgive Papa, that I never could! Abigail! Mashams and maidservants!”

“Some people think it a charming name! . . . . It is from the Hebrew and means father rejoiced.”

.. . “Papa can’t have known that!”

(Georgette Heyer, Black Sheep, 1966)