“I’ve never in my life been called Wilhelmina. It’s a frightful name. Everyone calls me Bill. After all, people call William Bill for short, don’t they? So my brothers said they’d call me Bill, short for Wilhelmina! If any of you calls me Wilhelmina I shall be miserable. I shan’t feel I’m myself.”

(Enid Blyton, Third Year at Malory Towers, 1948)


“Such a very proper English name. I adore it. It suits you perfectly. You look so dark and brooding, and you behave with such gravity.”

(Anne Perry, Weighed in the balance, Headline, 1996)


I ventured to say I thought William a nice, simple name and reminded him he was christened after his Uncle William who was much respected in the city.

(G & W Grossmith, Diary of a Nobody, 1892)