Agatha Mary Clarissa was named after her mother and grandmother, the name of Agatha, she believed, being added by Clara … as a result of a suggestion made on the way to the christening. (One of Clara’s favourite novels was, moreover, Miss Mulock’s Agatha’s Husband.)

…. As her publisher told her in 1920, it was an unusual and therefore memorable name.

(Janet Morgan, Agatha Christie, 1985)

Virtue Names

Hope or Charity. One of those sorts of name, if you know what I mean. Used to be used a lot in Victorian times but you don’t hear them so much nowadays.”

(Agatha Christie – Nemesis, 1971)


“But my first name is Thomas. Painfully prosaic.”

(Agatha Christie, The Body in the Library, 1941)


“I never knew anyone of that name . . . but I did mean a christian name. Yes, it is rather unusual, I think.”

(Agatha Christie, Nemesis, 1971)